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Harnessing the healing power of plants, One Love Organics’ facial therapies combine natural holistic skin care with advanced skincare science to deliver glowing results. Unlike most facial spas, we formulate and manufacture our award-winning skin care line ourselves right here in the Golden Isles. We make everything in small batches to ensure the ultimate in freshness and quality for truly transformative results.

Notably, our ECOCERT® certified manufacturing facility is one of a select few in the United States and the only one in the state of Georgia! We undergo rigorous third-party evaluation each year to ensure that our facility and skin care line meets the highest quality, certified natural, organic, and environmentally friendly standards.

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Detox + Glow Signature Facial w/Personalized Peel - $150 (call for appointment)
Reveal healthy, radiant skin with the One Love Organics’ Detox + Glow Facial. Your facial begins with an in-depth skin analysis, followed by enhanced exfoliation personalized to your skin’s unique needs, gentle ionic extractions and a custom toning facial massage. In this customized treatment, your esthetician will blend our products with a focus on what your skin really needs, leaving behind a luminous and even-toned complexion for an instantly gratifying glow.
Detox + Glow Beauty Queen Facial w/Personalized Peel - $225 (call for appointment)
If you need a mini-vacation that leaves you feeling refreshed and looking beautiful, book our Detox + Glow Beauty Queen Facial. A head-to-toe revival, this luxurious facial experience is nothing less than a restoration of the entire being. Like our 60-minute treatment, this is customized to your skin's needs, but allows additional time for pampering and relaxation. Your esthetician will have the opportunity to perform targeted facial enhancements, while gentle and rhythmic massage techniques are incorporated for the face, neck and shoulders to help de-stress. As a beauty bonus, your hands and feet will be gently cleansed and exfoliated using our Vitamin C Body polish featuring raw sugar and pineapple enzymes and then deeply moisturized with a Vitamin C hot oil steam wrap. In all, 90 minutes of unforgettable, blissful rejuvenation re-balances the body, mind and skin. You will leave feeling utterly relaxed, pampered and beautifully transformed.
Purify + Refine Deep Cleansing Express Facial - $95 (call for appointment)
A comprehensive facial service that addresses skin problems such as oily skin, clogged pores, stubborn acne and other common issues. Specifically, this facial treatment includes a deep cleanse, gentle, ionic extraction, toning treatments to help optimize the skin’s pH, and to help maximize confidence and your skin’s natural glow. This unique service is designed to promote and encourage healthy skin care habits especially at a critical time in a young person’s life or for anyone dealing with problematic skin.
Bio-Light Phototherapy Session - $95 (call for appointment)
Behold the power of light with our LED non-surgical, non-invasive technology to help perfect the look of your skin over time. The treatment begins with a gentle steam cleansing of the skin to insure perfectly clean pores. Your esthetician will then choose the correct light for your skin’s unique needs and the phototherapy lamp will be placed closely over your face for 15-20 minutes, during which a warm, pleasant sensation can be felt. While you're here you can listen to your choice of music, experience a guided meditation, or even take a power nap. After the bio-light treatment, your therapist will apply a treatment serum, moisturizer and SPF. Perfect during lunch hour or anytime your skin needs a quick revival!

*We recommend at least four treatments in weekly or more successions in order to rejuvenate the skin's appearance and to truly start noticing results. The good news? The benefits are cumulative, and monthly treatments are normally sufficient to maintain the results afterwards.
The Four Week Face Rejuvenator - $595 (call for appointment)
The Four Week Face Rejuvenator ($695 Value)
Initial 60 minute facial & consultation
7 additional 30 minute LED Bio-light therapy sessions

Our proprietary Four Week Face Lift is an intensive, transformative skin treatment that uses holistic remedies, advanced skin care science and non-invasive LED Bio-light therapy to promote facial rejuvenation. It begins with an initial 60 minute facial and consultation and 7 additional LED Bio-light therapy sessions conducted over the span of four weeks to help you achieve your best skin YET! This multi-step, multi-week treatment uses state-of-the-art technology and high-performance ingredients to breathe new life into your skin.

This facial embodies our core belief that radiant skin is a reflection of your overall health and state of mind. Our highly skilled esthetician will provide a more holistic look at your skin health through a conversation about diet, stress level, lifestyle and green home care routine, so that you can better understand and address the multiple factors that impact your skin.

Your facial will begin with a luxurious lymphatic massage with our award-winning Vitamin B Cleansing Oil to release facial tension, improve blood flow and nourish your skin's moisture barrier. After analyzing your skin, our esthetician will customize your facial with a series of targeted treatments, including exfoliation, gentle ionic extractions and LED Bio-light therapy. Leave with a holistic regimen of skin care, beauty foods, herbal remedies and well-being rituals that will boost and sustain your results in between bi-weekly treatments.

*Note: we only accept 6 guests per month for the Four Week Face Lift, so please book early!
Natural Brow Shaping - Add-On - $25 (call for appointment)
Your luxurious personalized facial treatment can be enhanced with a natural brow shaping to enhance your face shape and natural glow!
Bio - Light Therapy (add-on for signature facial) - $25 (call for appointment)
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